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Do not blink: Consultation on changes to the ALR/farmland ends Aug. 22nd!

At the height of growing season for farmers, and when many BCers are away on holidays, off camping, and generally taking a break from their daily lives, the BC government has quietly announced limited public consultation. The consultation on Bill 24 amending the ALC Act that protects some of the farmland in BC held in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is web based and will end on Aug. 22. It is imperative those concerned about farmland and accessible locally sourced food have their voices heard in this consultation!

Welcome to the engagement site. The purpose of this site is to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the potential changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act and to provide input on regulation development.
- Some proposed additional activities that could be allowed on farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve without a requirement to make an application to the Agricultural Land Commission;
- Whether and to what extent these allowable uses should vary between different regions of the province, and;
-m What parameters should be put around proposed new uses.
The online survey will be open for one month, starting July 22nd and closing at noon on August 22nd.
Have a read of the July, 2014 Consultation Paper and then please provide input.

You can go to HERE for the BC government consultation website.

The Tyee has a good article on the current consultation HERE that includes some background info. on Bill 24 and the role and history of the Agricultural Land Reserve protecting some of BC’s farmland.

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