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OPPOSE excluding 1/2 Langford’s ALR lands!

The City of Langford will be holding a Public Hearing Tues, Sept. 8th, 7pm, 3rd floor, Langford City Hall, 877 Goldstream Ave., Langford BC, V9B 2X8 proposing to exclude 1/2 of all the ALR lands in Langford!!! 

Take ACTION: OPPOSE this massive block exclusion by speaking and/or emailing your submission to planning@cityoflangford.ca

You must give your full name, address and state you are opposed in your submission. You do NOT need to be a resident of Langford to make a submission, ALR lands are a provincial issue, anyone can make a submission.

We will be following this massive exclusion application as the Agricultural Land Commission Island Panel considers it. We at FPC would appreciate it if supporters also sent their submissions to us: farmlandprotectionbc@gmail.com allowing us to confirm all the submissions we are aware of were received by the ALC. 

Check out this article for the full story on the illogical plan to ‘help’ local agricultural production by permanently removing 1/2 of the current ALR lands in Langford.

Farmland is not only valuable when it is in production, it is valuable because it could be farmed in the future. Check out this Langford Zoning Designations map with the very small area of ALR lands that make up the Agricultural Zones.  And here is a subsection of Langford showing in detail the current Langford ALR lands, half of which would be excluded under this proposal and be built upon, and lost forever. 

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