Help Stop Bill 24 as Debate Begins

The fight to SAVE the ALR continues! Although Bill 24 has been stalled at 2nd reading since Mar. 27th and the legislature is to sit for only 4 more days ending May 29th, the debate on Bill 24 is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 26th. In partnership with West Coast Environmental Law Society and Garden City Conservation Society we ask you to take action one more time!

Debate on amendments could refer Bill 24 back for public consultation, have Bill 24 delayed, or withdrawn. You can tell Premier Christy Clark and the Liberal MLAs to listen to the many BC citizens that are DEMANDING TO BE HEARD that do not want Bill 24! You can quickly and easily use the email form and take ACTION. The West Coast Environmental Law Society email form will create a summary of how many people have sent emails. That information will be shared with MLAs and be an important part of the debate on Bill 24 next week!

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