Last chance – complete email demanding STOP Bill 24 and next steps

Tell the BC Liberal MLAs you do NOT consider the DEBATE OVER on Bill 24, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act. Today, Thurs. May 29th, the BC Liberals, just after 5 pm, will end debate and force a vote.

Action: Complete a new West Coast Environmental Law email form and tell BC Liberal MLAs, Opposition Agriculture Critic Nicolas Simons and your MLA you support continuing the debate, and you want the MLAs to VOTE DOWN Bill 24!

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And today, note this important date: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 VOTE in the next BC provincial election.

And win or lose, this battle against Bill 24 has shown us that we need MORE STRATEGIES to SAVE OUR FARMLAND beyond the ALR.

If we really want to preserve and expand our local farmland base and create real local food security and increase local food production we need to make local food and farmland a huge issue in the upcoming BC local government elections on Sat. November 15th. If we want to ‘Go Local’ in where we shop, where we produce our food, we must ‘Go Local’ in our political engagement and VOTE and be involved in our local governments. Voter turnout in 2011 local elections province wide in BC was on average about 30% whereas in the last 2009 provincial election just over 50% and in the last federal election in 2011 just over 60% of eligible voters cast a ballot.

We need a variety of strategies to protect farmland that could include our local and municipal governments creating zoning and bylaws that could serve functions similar to the restricted land use zoning the ALR has historically used to protect some of the best farmland in BC. Another possible strategy is leveraging public and/or private capital to buy farmland and protect it through community ownership in partnership with local governments and/or farmland trusts.

Who will serve on your local government council is becoming increasingly relevant in the battle to protect and increase our farmland so remember to VOTE LOCALLY on Sat. November 15th.

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