Major Rezoning Hearing to be Held in North Saanich

To Farmland Protection Coalition supporters,

With the passage of changes to provincial legislation governing agricultural lands, it is more important than ever that we act together to implement local solutions for the protection of agricultural and rural lands. Municipal zoning bylaws and Official Community Plans are important mechanisms for preventing urban sprawl.

Please read and act upon the message below from North Saanich residents and supporters regarding an opportunity to prevent sprawl in that rural community.

Thank you,




The District of North Saanich Council has scheduled a major Public Hearing at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 14th at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney. You can read more about this on the municipality’s home page.

The meeting is to consider the proposed re-zoning of a number of separate parcels of land in North Saanich, which would lead to urban sprawl. See the link below.

Urban sprawl in North Saanich, BC

Urban sprawl in North Saanich, BC

The areas for higher density are about 180 acres. This will not only change the neighbourhood but also the nature of the whole municipality. This rezoning clearly violates our current Official Community Plan (OCP), which took several years to complete and made the wishes of North Saanich residents very clear: “Retain the present rural, agricultural and marine character of the community.”

Our major concern is that the agricultural and rural nature of this beautiful District is gradually being eroded by high densities.

One of these has been the development at 9395 East Saanich Road, with more than 40 houses and suites on a property of less than four acres, which is nearing completion. Adjacent to this there is another development proposal of 95 houses + suites. There are 520 new housing units planned, which would result in higher taxes, increased traffic, air pollution and a diminished quality of life.

Is higher-density housing, like this, appropriate for North Saanich?

We strongly believe that any major land use decisions should only be made after a full Official Community Plan review. Let us not continue violating our OCP.

If you share these concerns, please join us on Monday, July 14th 7 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney and voice your concern. This may be the last opportunity to save what we value and love about North Saanich.

Thank you,

Friends of North Saanich

Tamara Sears
Nathalie Chambers
Gwen Greenwood
Hans Edwards
Marguerite Tulett
Hildegard Horie

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