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Please watch our informative evening, “Future of Farmland and ALR in BC” with Richard Bullock and Harold Steves (1 hour)

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Short excerpts:

Harold Steves Hammers Site C  (9 min.)




Why the BC Government Fired Richard Bullock (15 min.)

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Richard Bullock, past Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for 5 years before being fired by the BC Liberal government. He served until full implementation of Bill 24, ‘the bill that killed the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).’  Bill 24 created much weaker regulations for ALR lands, and 2 ALR Zones. In the Northern Zone 2 “economic, cultural and social values; regional and community planning objectives; and other prescribed considerations” must be now considered in ALR land exclusions, instead of solely the quality of the land. And all decisions to exclude ALR lands now rest with six newly created regional panels.

Harold Steves, considered the ‘father of the ALR,’ as he was the BC NDP MLA that spear-headed the creation of the ALR in the 1970s.  He has served on Richmond City Council as a councilor since 1968, he continues to farm, seed save, and ranch cows, and still finds time to be a staunch activist for preserving local farmland.

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